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Libby Daniels Ceramics

Little Green Studio



Welcome to my website! I am a potter working from my home studio in Haslemere, on the west Sussex/Surrey border. I make  contemporary functional and decorative earthenware ceramics with a range of impressed and painted patterns and colours.




I am a ceramicist and occasional painter living and working from my home in Haslemere, on the West Sussex/Surrey border. Prior to setting up The Little Green Studio in May 2018  I had a long career as a secondary school Art teacher working in some wonderful schools which I loved.

I had always said since completing my ceramic design degree at Staffordshire in 1990 that one day (many years later as it turned out), I would make my own pottery and I decided to leave my job in 2017 to work solo, like many makers, in a studio at the bottom of my garden. 
My typical day is 9 am to 4 pm and I am inclined to work late in the evening sometimes where I find there are fewer distractions. l tend to plan and write down my objectives for the week as I used to for my lessons, whether it’s throwing, glazing, photographing, updating Instagram or just some time for thinking about new ideas. I try to evaluate my own work as it develops, focusing on the successes on my creative journey rather than dwelling too much on any problems and thereby hopefully moving forward.

I now work full time making functional and decorative pieces, teaching classes and workshops and sometimes painting for relaxation. When I'm not at work I play hockey for my local club, and to take time out of the studio I go on walks usually in the beautiful National Trust land in the area or down on the Sussex coast. My walks are often where I get inspiration for my paintings and a bit of time off from clay.

Thank you for visiting my website and if you are interested in getting in touch about anything 
please do send me a message.



 I am interested in the colour, pattern and detail of surfaces. I am drawn predominantly to the way that clay is uniquely a surface that is soft enough to be impressed and shaped, yet after its final firing is a hard, permanent, glazed piece. I aim to make my pieces visually appealing in the first instance, with colourful smooth surfaces with glossy and matt glazes, but it is also very important to me how a piece is designed and how it feels to hold whether it is a functional jug or decorative abstract vessel. Design details such as the shape of a handle and quality of finish are always considerations to me. 

I make using a range of methods sometimes throwing on the wheel sometimes press moulding, slab building or coiling. The decoration and motifs impressed into the clay are created from stamps which I make then bisque fire. I am always excited to do the first press in with one! I usually make three or four new ones with the leftover clay after each making session. Ideas for these come from nature, textile patterns abstract shapes and lots of doodles!


 My one-off pieces with abstract, bright, painted surfaces are essentially sculptural vessels. The forms created on the interior are as important to me as the outside and the line of the rim is a specific margin between both, often highlighted in a strong colour. These free formed pots are decorated using slips, wax resist, engobes and underglazes, sometimes with multiple firings. As these pieces are more personal to me I continue to develop and explore my ideas each time I make them. All my work is made in white earthenware and is fired at 1060 to 1120 degrees depending on the type of glaze. 

If you are interested in buying any of my work please do get in touch. I am able to make pieces to order. Have a look at my events page to see where I will next be showing or selling and follow me on social media to see regular updates.




Holly House , Moorfield, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3SH

libby.littlegreenstudio@gmail.com  |  Tel: 07929201026

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Proudly created by Copy-proof (Marketing)

Open formed interior decorated vessel.

Large bowl form, thrown and altered ceramic vessel with abstract orange painted interior.